The Coup

In the crumpled shape of the hunchback who loved with a heart of gold; in the sheen of the waterfall black coat of the beautiful raven who was reputed to bring news of death; sliding upon the seductive curve of the thorn that pricked snow white skin of the princess to draw blood as deep as wine….

COUP was born of the desire to celebrate the beauty that we so often miss all around us – the restless, gritty, dark magnificence of real life and imagined fiction. Celebrating the art of storytelling through the form of jewellery and breathing life into each piece, COUP takes a closer look at the relationships between humans, animals and nature – sometimes through the unlikely protagonists of fairy tales, at other times real world characters.

COUP celebrates nature in its rawest form. This is our ode to a world that is older than ours, and one that sets into motion the balance of survival. When the bees create their hive to the purest divine design, and the crickets rub their wings to produce music that we have spent lifetimes mimicking, we come to realise how nature is our master, and we its students. The chameleon or lizard that we are taught to be scared of has a beauty in its form and its scales that burst into a million colours when the sun touches it. But we forget to love this delicate balance. We go to war very second we breath, as we encroach upon homelands and sanctuaries that bring us no harm. As the wild thorn does not mean harm; its only job is to protect and guard the delicate and beautifully scented flower we want to pick.

Quietly, resiliently, and with grace, the wild has continued to give us both sustenance and joy. Many of us have learnt to love its tall trees, blue seas, snow-capped mountains, and rainbow flowers. But most of us never stop to pause and lift the rock to look underneath it and see the small castle that the ants have carved out of soil, or the beetle that sleeps beneath. COUP aims to pay tribute to all this and more.

Everyone looks to the princess, but often they forget the emerald green frog that dove deep in the pond to fetch her the pearl that she loved more than anything.