The Art

Each collection of COUP has been inspired by storylines and narratives that exist across cultures and seas, and each piece highlights an important moment in time and nature. Elements from the wild find harmony in the architectural lines of the city, cementing a relationship between mankind and nature.

The jewellery is designed as individual works of art: that when not sitting upon a finger, earlobe, collarbone or wrist, is resplendent in its sculptural form. It is balanced in structure and colour, and demands spectatorship. Bound in silver, and sometimes in gold, the pieces are hand-worked by traditional craftsmen, and wrought together with semi-precious stones. Tremendous care and thought is taken in selecting the stones and their variations of colours, and when they are hand-cut, a deliberate rawness is kept that distinguishes them from mass produced jewellery. This is our ethos – always keeping close the fingerprints of the designer and worker to the story they crafted.

Dark, light, and dark again – this is the aesthetic that COUP brings to its patrons. The COUP admirer is young at heart with an adventurous spirit. One who appreciates uniqueness, and honours individuality and marks moments and relationships in life that don’t require a label. Rings for engagements, necklaces for promises and bracelets for achievements are not the only tributes – her pendant will speak about her significant role in a friendship, her ring will talk about her love for protecting an endangered species. It is all this, and so much more. Where imagination and dreams are concerned, there is no limit to how far the whispers of our stories won’t reach.